Battery Brain For The Newton - $10

Sure, you love your Newton... but you probably don't like the way it eats batteries! What's worse, when your batteries are ready to give out, the Newton gives you little or no notice at all!

Well, Battery Brain for the Newton can help fix all that! With Battery Brain installed on your Newton, you can have your Newton warn you when your battery power drops down to 50%, or 40%, or 30%, or 20% or 10%! Battery Brain can even turn off certain power-consuming features when your battery power drops to a certain level, which means your batteries will last longer! (For example, you can tell Battery Brain to turn off the automatic reception of Beams, when the power level drops to, say, 30%.)

Best of all, Battery Brain for the Newton is simple to use. You just set it up, and forget about it! It runs completely in the background and only pops up when you need to be warned about your battery power level.

Requirements and Pricing

Battery Brain for the Newton requires a Newton MessagePad (any model... yes, even a pre-MP100 Newton!), and either a PC or Macintosh with the Newton Connection Kit (or some other software for downloading packages to your Newton). When you order, be SURE to tell us which disk format you want the software on, PC or a Mac. (If you don't specify a disk format, we'll ship you a PC disk, because most Macs can read PC disks.)

Battery Brain for the Newton is just $10! (This price includes shipping to the anywhere in the world!)

How To Place Your Order

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Legal Stuff

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