Application Switcher for the Apple IIGS

Version: 1.0
Requires: 2MB RAM (4MB recommended)

Ever wish you could easily cut and paste between Formulate and AppleWorks GS? Ever wish you could pop into the Finder for some quick file maintenance while in a word processor, or unpack Shrinkit archives without leaving your communications program? Ever wish your IIGS was just a little bit more like a Macintosh?

Well wish no more - Switch-It! is here!

Switch-It! allows the user to load many programs into memory at once and to switch between those programs instantly. Switch-It! was the first multi-application product for the IIGS - and is still the best! Compare these features:

All told, the competition may look more like a Macintosh, and we give them credit for that - but the IIGS is not a Macintosh. Switch-It! was carefully engineered to work with the maximum number of applications and specifically with the IIGS's capabilities and limitations in mind.

So what are you waiting for? Order Switch-It! today!

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