A source-level debugger for the Apple IIGS

Version: 1.0.2
Requires: ORCA high-level language, 1.5MB RAM

Writing software in a high-level language for the Apple IIGS has always been something of an adventure. Bugs are hard to track down because GSBug is ill-suited to high-level languages (which variable does the number $05 represent?), and "print-statement" debugging is slow and tedious. So, if your program had bugs, you had to fix them the hard way. Until now.

Introducing: Splat!, the debugging tool you've been dreaming of! Splat! is a "source-level" debugger, meaning that when you step and trace through your code you see the program lines just as they are in your source code. Variables are displayed in their o wn window and program output is captured in yet another window! Splat! utilizes a text-based interface that works a lot like the standard IIGS desktop interface; this gives you the speed of text with the ease-of-use of the desktop. Splat! is packed with powerful features to help you track down and squash those nasty bugs.

GS+ Magazine (Vol 4, No 5) says that Splat! "is more visual and gives you better control over the debugging process" than any other IIGS debugger.

Not a "professional"?

You may be thinking "This all sounds neat but I'm just beginning to learn how to program; I'm not a professional programmer". If so, think again: Splat! will help you learn to program in record time, because it will help you find those "beginner's bugs" that everyone (yes, even us!) find so frustrating. Splat! helps beginners understand how their code works because they can see it work, step by step, right in front of them!

Sample Splat! debugging screen

Examining the contents of an array

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