P I C K   'N'   P I L E

The AppleIIGS entertainment product field suffered a slump in the early 90's as large game companies like Electronic Arts left the personal computer market. These companies also left unpublished a large amount of quality software.

Procyon has been working to hunt down this phantom software and finish bringing it to market. Our first success in this endeavor is Pick'n'Pile.

Pick'n'Pile is a high quality strategy/arcade game with fantastic graphics and sound. The object is to remove balls (which fall from the sky randomly) from the screen. The faster you do this, and the more you remove at once, the higher your score. Perhaps the best way to describe the game is to quote reviews:

The Apple IIGS version of Pick'n'Pile was called "the best of the bunch" by the publisher of the Macintosh and IBM PC versions of Pick'n'Pile. The G and S in IIGS really stand out in this game!
Sample screen shots from Pick'n'Pile
Feel free to download these and pass 'em around!
Fire and Ice!

Big Trouble!

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