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GNO/ME 2.0. Information

August 8, 1993 (Littleton, CO)

Procyon Enterprises announced today that they are now accepting orders for the new version of their GNO/ME UNIX system for the Apple IIGS.

James Brookes, Vice President of Procyon and head engineer of the GNO project, said "GNO/ME 2.0 represents a substantial improvement over the original, which was in its own right a ground-breaking work. In the past year since the original release, we've listened to customer's concerns and addressed most of them. We brought even more UNIX power to the IIGS by implementing the most powerful inter-process communication system available for the IIGS".

UNIX is quickly becoming the de-facto standard among operating systems. Even operating systems which never claimed to be UNIX compatible are rushing to provide POSIX compliance interfaces for their systems. (POSIX is the International Standards Organization's UNIX standard).

"This release reaffirms our committment to the Apple IIGS, a very capable computer that many developers abandoned", said Matt Gudermuth, President of Procyon. "Some people ask if the IIGS is powerful enough to run UNIX, and many used to answer with a resounding NO!. We answer these people by pointing out that the first mainframe computers that ran UNIX were far less powerful than the Apple IIGS. The IIGS is here to stay, and we're going to keep supporting it with our powerful system software."

GNO provides UNIX features in an application environment that runs "on top of" GS/OS, so that the IIGS software everyone enjoys is actually enhanced by using GNO. Included as standard with the GNO system are almost one hundred standard UNIX utilites and some IIGS-specific ones such as print spooling from text or desktop applications and a "shell-in-a-window" New Desk Accessory. Full support for remote access to a IIGS via a modem, and built-in ultra high speed serial communications means that GNO is the perfect system for writing communications programs.

"Communications is one of GNO's strong points," remarks Derek Taubert, the individual responsible for the upcoming Internet access software for GNO. "Because GNO does all the low-level work for me, and gives me a simple interface to access it, I can concentrate on the task at hand instead of worrying about writing things like interrupt handlers".

GNO comes with comprehensive documentation covering all aspects of the system, including programming the kernel, the shell, the C and assembly libraries, and utilities.

For more information, including information on upgrade pricing, contact Procyon at:

Procyon Enterprises Incorporated
Apple IIGS Software Publishing and Development
P.O. Box 641
Englewood, CO 80151-0641 USA
(303) 781-3273

New GNO/ME Purchases

GNO/ME 2.0 Upgrade Plan

GNO 2.0 New Feature List

This is not a complete list - there were obviously bugs corrected, but we didn't feel it was important to list them here. Questions about fixed bugs are welome.




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