Procyon Enterprises Inc

Procyon has been in the business of producing quality Apple IIGS software for over three years, and we continue that tradition today. We have a number of products that cover numerous categories; we're not just a "game" company, or an "application" company. We see what the Apple IIGS market needs, then produce it.

We have more info on our corporate philosophy.

TCP/IP for the Apple IIGS - Available Now!!

Marinetti is a TCP/IP implementation with SLIP dial-up support.


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GS+/EGO Systems is getting out of the Apple II software business, and no longer has any Procyon products for sale. They do have GS+ magazine back-issues and some other things available.
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Procyon Products

GNO/ME - Unix system for the IIGS
Pick'n'Pile - Fast paced fun for the entire family
Splat! - A Source-Level debugger for C and Pascal
Switch-It! - Multi-application switcher for GS/OS

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